Seaweed and sunflower star on right.

Seaweed and sunflower star on right.

Today, we let our family & friends on Facebook know about our little blog site… It’s not all that far along, but by mentioning it I’m hoping it will keep our “feet to the fire” to continue to improve it.


Mottled Sea Star (Evasterias troschelii)


Sally, James Kelsey and Jennifer examining the life exposed by an extreme low tide in Southworth WA–June 15, 2011.

Also on my mind today is an excellent series of articles running in the Kitsap Sun on the problems of Puget Sound. It is excellent piece of work and should be widely noted. If you go to the Kitsap Sun link above and want more, search for “Puget Sound” on that site to find and read several other articles, including today’s Sea life on the bottom of Sound is in trouble

The pictures of starfish and the tide pool gazers, Jennifer and friends Sally Anderson and James Kelsey, were taken during an extreme low tide around the Washington State Ferry dock in Southworth, WA. This dock is also our usual route to Seattle.

It was an amazing treat to visit this low tide with Sally as she was able to provide critter names and a naturalist’s knowledge of the habits of much of what we saw that day!

Thanks Sally.


Photo of a Sunflower Star during a minus tide at Southworth Washington

Sunflower star (Pycnopodia helianthoides), our largest “starfish”

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  1. ted

    Don’t believe your life is that dull that you haven’t updated your blog in over a month. Maybe Jennifer needs to go to girls night out next Saturday so she can write about her adventure in downtown Port Orchard. Give it some thought.

    I’m looking forward to going to Amsterdam next April to visit my son.My son lives & works there.Will take a weekend side trip to Wiesbaden to visit where I was stationed to see what changes have taken place. Looking forward to it?


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