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Totem Salmon book cover

Tick tock, repeat …

Summer is butting in on the tail end of Spring. The cherries from Eastern Washington are coming to market early by weeeks and our rhodies have dropped their blossoms.

I guess it’s a good thing, but it’s making me calendar nervous. We have a long list for the warm season that involves a lot of yard and house maintenance and are booked for an upcoming vacation to California’s Lost Coast. That’s the extreme NW coast after the scenic Hwy 1 gives up and heads inland. You want a 4 wheel drive, or at least something with good clearance. The area lacks the population to get much money for road upgrades out of the state coffers. An old friend lives there and led efforts to restore a King Salmon run in one of the few rivers in the NW that was never damned.

The book is Totem Salmon by Freeman House and I highly recommend it.

Time to go, I’m feeling that clock pressure…